Schlüter ® -DITRA Entkopplungsmatte Abdichtungsbahn 25 (1X1 Metre)

Schlüter-DITRA 25 is a polyethylene membrane with a grid structure of square cavities, each cut back in a dovetail configuration and an anchoring fleece laminated to its underside. Designed for tile and natural stone installations, Schlüter-DITRA 25 serves as a waterproofing membrane, a vapour pressure equalisation layer to accommodate moisture occurring at the underside of the substrate and an uncoupling layer for problematic substrates.

Why we like this

This product is amazing, James used it on his projects to prevent his tiled floors from cracking. It’s perfect just as an extra precautionary method but should always be used if you have movement in your sub floor. If you are installing a bathroom on a timber floor then this will really help you, combined with flexible adhesive and flexible grout.


Bienfang 50 YDS by 12IN wide Sketching and Tracing Paper Roll. (340134)

50 Yard by 12-inch Roll White Sketching & Tracing Paper

Lightweight (8lb), fine surface paper with superior transparency

Great for quick sketches and overlays

Ideal for use with pencil, inks and markers

Why we like this

For when you need to get analog in your design process.  Rolls of trace are inexpensive and lets you quickly iterate ideas to find the best design solution.


Dow Corning 785 310 ml Sanitary Sealant

Dow Corning 785+ Sanitary Sealant is a bacteria resistant acetoxy silicone sealant. It protects against bacteria growth, MRSA, E. Coli and Salmonella. It is a one component silicone sealant that contains a fungicide to resist mould growth.

Why we like this

This is what James used to use on all of his renovations, “I have tried and tested many silicones on the market and I honestly felt that this one stands above the rest”

This Product does not mould, it has a nice finish to it and it bonds well!

If you want a good finish to your new bathroom or kitchen, but this product!


Bal WP1

BAL WP1 – Water Proofing Kit for showers

Why we like this

If you are about to create a wonderful new shower area for you home, then you will need to thinking about waterproofing the substrates, which are the surfaces you tile on to. This product is the best on the market in James’s opinion.

“In all of the renovations I worked on, I insisted on using this product, even if we were not making a wet room style shower, it’s just for piece of mind that you know water will not escape for that room at all!”

It’s easy to apply, some builders would charge you about £200.00 upwards to apply this! It’s dry by the next day, and it provides a good base for the tiles to go on to.

You can buy it on it’s own but it’s best to buy as a kit, which includes the tape and primer also.


EVO-Stik Grip fill

Evo-Stik Grip fill is a solvent-borne, filled rubber resin adhesive, developed to bond virtually any rigid materials together, regardless of the evenness of the surface. Grip fill is a high strength, one part, gap filling adhesive specially formulated to bond a large variety of materials. Bonds almost any surface. Suitable for interior and exterior use (provided bond is covered)

Why we like this

Another one of James’s favourites, grip fill is perfect for those areas where you just cannot use screws or nails.

“It’s awesome for when you need to fix skirting board to the walls, and you don’t want to fill a load of screw holes” 


Purdy Decorating Brushes

Purdy Monarch Elite Brush Set is a professional range of 3 brushes, 1, 1.5 and 2 inches. They are exceptional value brushes, suitable with all paints, varnishes and stains.

Why we like this

The finish you get with these brushes are amazing and they are going to last you. So if you have a lot of decorating to do and you want to save money and invest in some good quality brushes from the beginning then these are for you.