Lead Generation Websites


April 22, 2018

James speaks about Lead Generation Websites, what are they and how do they help you find the right building company to work with.

If you wanted to hire someone to carry out a renovation on your home, how would you go about it?

You would probably say, ask friends and family for recommendations, but if that don’t work you would go online and search in your local area.

But there is another way that has only recently been around for past 10 years, and are often referred to as lead generation websites.

What are they?

They are website platforms that offer a homeowner to post a job they need doing in the home.

How do they work?

When you post a job you are required to explain what you need doing, provide pictures and links, that could be helpful, then provide your post code or your full address and in some cases you get the chance to select up to a number of tradesmen local to you.

Registered Trade members see your job post and if anyone is interested they apply to get your details and contact you or they send you a message you you shortlist them after checking if they are a good fit for you.

It’s at this point that you make a judgment from the very beginning considering the following

How is their profile?

Is there any photos of their work/has it been updated regularly?

How are their reviews?

Having the odd negative feedback is ok, unless it’s really bad, read the negative as well as the positive because you want to look at how the trade person responded.

Do they have insurance?

In all cases you want to make sure that your taking on someone that’s insured.

How can these sites benefit you?

  • Essentially it creates competition between companies who are pitching their services to you.

  • It saves you looking anywhere else really

  • They can provide you with piece of mind knowing that only verified trades people are contacting you

What information do you need to be putting down?

These sites require large advertising budgets to be on the first page of internet search engines so don’t be surprised to find out that every tradesmen is charged to get your details, if you shortlist 5 interested companies or tradespeople then that’s five times the amount of money the lead generation site gets.

These figures can be anything from £16.00 plus tax, and up to £40 plus tax

It’s because of this that tradespeople are hesitant and very selective, they check over all the information you provide to weigh up the risk of applying.

So make sure you provide

  • Photos

  • Approximate budget

  • Clear description of works

  • Your availability for visits

  • Your ideal start date

  • When you need the works complete by

  • If you are purchasing the finish products or not

  • Do you own the place and have  permission for the project to proceed?


What to do when someone applies interest

  • Read the message, don’t just shortlist automatically

  • Read the profile

  • Be prepared for them to contact you

  • If your at work arrange a better time to speak with them

  • Ask them a few questions on the phone to gage if you feel comfortable with them

  • Arrange a site visit

  • Don’t cancel less than 24 hours notice if you can help it

  • If you decide to go with someone else let them know and explain why, by text if necessary. It will help them understand what they need to improve on.


In the end I believe these sites are bad and good but I do question, how they balance monitoring the quality of work and competence from behind a computer, and if they actually hold themselves accountable when things go wrong, or just ban the builder from the site which is not enough really.


On the other hand I wonder if they give a big enough platform for the building company to respond to negative reviews.


When there is a dispute between the homeowner and builder how do they get involved to assist with the complaint.


I personally would recommend that all communication is passed through their websites so that there is a record to fall back on.

If you are thinking of hiring a building company or you want to avoid the possibly of the above happening to you we offer you a solution that could help

Abi Bacon