Hazel's Home Renovation

September 23, 2018

James chats to Hazel about her first home renovation in Manchester

“Before we moved in it looked like your nan’s house”

Heading in the direction of a Scandinavian style home, Hazel describes the work they are doing over time to make their first home a better home. Hazel explains what it felt like to finally get on the property ladder was wonderful but the journey to get there was somewhat different. When you picture your dream home it’s probably wise to say that no one really prepares for the negative impact house hunting can bring.

The one creative thing they did was print out all of the fifteen houses they went see, so that they can look back at them years to come, every house they went to see, they saw things that they didn’t want to compromise on and these items ended up going the checklist as must have.

We discussed about how misleading estate agents can be when describing a home and it’s pro’s, in particular the “ample parking” when in fact you cannot get a car on there.

It was great speaking to Hazel and hats off to this couple of renovating their home DIY style!

Even to the point when her partner decided to hack off all of the old plaster skimmed walls, who knew what hidden surprises could be waiting for her.

Well done guys!

Abi Bacon